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A full and balanced diet is incredibly important for pregnant women, it affects the health of the woman and baby grow. How expectant mother must eat, how to strengthen the immunity for the prevention of COVID-19 and in the period of the spring offseason tells Marta Lisevych — a dietitian at the Samoilenco Clinic.

March 31, 2021

Baby shower is a touching party from the USA, a peculiar bachelorette party for the expectant mother before the birth of the baby. Here it is only gaining popularity, so we created a guide tip so that the preparation of baby shower brought exceptionally pleasure.

March 25, 2021

From now on, stylish maternity and nursing clothes can be purchased on the third floor of the country's main department store.

March 15, 2021

Using MONAMOON brand models as an example, we study the subtleties and advantages of the maternity-friendly concept. We also unveil myths and tell why such clothes are suitable for women at any stage of life and not just for pregnant women.

March 5, 2021

Finally, the spring is came. The sun is shining brighter and the mood wishes for fun in a beautiful dress. For International Women's Day, we have prepared stylish and spectacular maternity outfits that are suitable for a variety of festive scenarios.

March 3, 2021

In search of inspiration for trendy spring looks, we turned to maternity-friendly jackets in a free cut. We offer several options — from every day to evening — that will be a win-win before, during and after pregnancy.

February 26, 2021

On the eve of Saint Valentine's Day, LIVLY baby’s clothing brand invited expectant mothers to boutique for a private event LIVLY BABY SHOWER II. The guests were able to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and lively communication, and received a lot of valuable information from experts on pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and the style of pregnant and nursing mothers.

February 26, 2021

Pregnancy is a time of joy and happy anticipation. However, a little cloud on the bright horizon of this magical period can be a matter of stylizing looks. After all, expectant moms need to buy maternity clothes not only based on their taste, but also taking into account the changing parameters of the figure.

Very soon, the famous Ukrainian TV and radio host Vasilisa Frolova will become a mother for the first time. While anxiously waiting for the baby, she remains active and continues to improve her style. What to wear for pregnant women — learning from the looks of Vasilisa Frolova from the maternity brand MONAMOON.

The most romantic holiday is coming — Valentine's Day. This is a pleasant occasion to please yourself and the man of your heart with a gift. It is easy to hit both targets in one shot — get a seductive set of lingerie. Moreover, if you think that only basic and boring kits are created for pregnant and nursing moms, we are in a hurry to unveil this popular myth.

The third trimester is a mix of emotions. The excitement in connection with the imminent appearance of the baby attempts to concentrate in a multitasking environment, as well as new fashionable challenges in styling looks for a changed figure. To ensure that wardrobe is your least task during this crucial period, we have prepared a style guide for the third trimester, relevant for the cold season.  

Knitted suits are just what you need to spend the winter stylishly and comfortably. Firstly, they are incredibly comfortable to be at home. Secondly, by putting on a coat or down jacket, you can go for a walk or go on business. Stylish maternity knitted suits, which will warm and delight, have been carefully created by MONAMOON brand. Let's take a closer look. 

The already legendary 2020 has been also remembered for its celebrity baby boom. We tell you who among the celebrities decorated their pregnancy with looks from the Ukrainian brand for expecting mothers MONAMOON. 

Great love gives birth to great children and ideas. MONAMOON has prepared a gift for moms-to-be for the start of the New Year and Christmas holidays — the opportunity to rent an evening dress for the most unforgettable events.   

MONAMOON team, together with Samoilenco Clinic prepared New Year's tips for moms-to-be. What should be in the ideal menu for pregnant women, what to wear in order to shine during the main night of the year and how to dress up comfortably on the first of January — read and see below.    

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to go beyond the usual style and allow yourself to be brighter. Glittering sequins, elegant silk, luxurious velvet and playful flounces will catch the eye. We have collected ideas for evening dresses for expectant mothers, which will be appropriate not only at a New Year's party, but also for social events, photoshoots, dates and other family celebrations.

The New Year and Christmas time is a great occasion to cheer up the mom-to-be. Gifts, as one of the languages of love and care, will help you to get well with this pleasant task. In this guide, we have collected gift ideas that will enjoy a pregnant woman and will be useful.

A global sympathy for comfort has fixed knitwear at the top of the trends. With the proper stylization, it is suitable for Sunday walks, office and even for cocktail outfits. The MONAMOON brand presents knitted maternity-friendly models with a standard fit, which is suitable for pregnant women. Read more about new arrivals and tips how to combine them.

How to choose beautiful and comfortable maternity outerwear? The answer — to get one that fits your tummy is the wrong one. Of course, you can buy your favorite down jacket or coat several sizes larger. But, most likely, having returned to pre-pregnant parameters, you will not want to wear it. We have chosen stylish, timeless maternity-friendly outerwear models that will become an investment in the fall-winter wardrobe and will make you happy even after the birth of your baby.

Tights are an accessory that helps you to create looks with dresses, skirts and shorts in all weather conditions. It seems that you can choose them without looking, buying a familiar model from season to season. But during pregnancy, there are also special requirements for a well-known wardrobe item. What the mom-to-be should pay attention to when choosing tights — we will tell you further.

A new dress is one of the best ways to cheer up. In the cold season, the choice vector of moms-to-be moves towards more laconic styles and warm materials. We have selected stylish and actual maternity-friendly models for various occasions and moods.

The last week of November, according to the already global tradition, starts with the season of fashion sales. MONAMOON, a brand of stylish maternity clothes, has prepared special offers for maternity-friendly models that will make happy even after the birth.

For several seasons, eco-leather has taken the lead from its twin sister, natural leather. In the era of new technologies and ethical consumption, materials with the prefix “eco” are increasingly making their way into wardrobes. Designers of maternity clothing brand MONAMOON presented stylish and comfortable maternity-friendly models from the popular analogue of leather in the Fall-Winter collection; they can be worn by both moms-to-be and girls who are fond of fashion. You may choose from shirts to mini-skirts.

Around the 14th week of pregnancy, the tummy begins to be visible. During this period, the mom-to-be is faced with new ways of making up stylish and comfortable looks. What is worth buying and how to combine clothes in the second trimester 一 we will discuss in more detail.

With the onset of the Fall-Winter period, the expectant mother increasingly wants to spend time in peace and comfort, alone with herself and next to those closest to her. Therefore, the home wardrobe of a pregnant woman requires special attention, because it must combine designs for walking, pleasant rest and sleep.

Canadian supermodel once again taught her subscribers a lesson in style and head-to-toe appearance during pregnancy. 

Eat for two or not, what is proper nutrition during pregnancy and what should be added to your diet? Marta Lisevych, a dietitian at the Samoilenco Clinic, talks about all this.

Pregnancy is not a time to part with pants, or style in general. Designs from skinny to palazzo, as well as your favorite jeans, will accompany you during the entire waiting period for the baby, you just need to observe a few nuances. 

The cool season is inspiring and even obliging to renew your wardrobe. We have selected 8 items for pregnant women, which are the so-called statement piece, meet the trends of Fall 2020 and, most importantly, will become your favorite in a special period. 

Pregnancy, style and comfort are compatible - proven by MONAMOON. However, each period of waiting for a baby has its own finer points of creating looks. We have prepared a series of tips on how to be dressed to the nines for each trimester. Today we will discuss the features of making a wardrobe in early pregnancy. 

The brand of stylish maternity clothes MONAMOON has successfully passed the audit for compliance with the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (IOS), which are harmonized and operate in Ukraine. MONAMOON is one of the few Ukrainian fashion brands that has received a Certificate for compliance of the ISO 9001:2018 standard.

MONAMOON Fall-Winter collection is an ode to a stylish and happy pregnancy, a period filled with new emotions, anticipation, and a special love for oneself.

 TV presenter and mother of four children Valentina Khamaiko shared what needs to be done to make your pregnancy happy and healthy.

During pregnancy the expecting mother can fully appreciate the benefits of maternity bras. Therefore, after the long-awaited meeting with the baby, she will already have nursing bra ready. After all, only special underwear will provide comfort, good support, and reduce pain feelings in the breasts. In this article, we have collected basic guidelines to help you choose the right nursing bras.

Canadian top model Coco Rocha shared a stylish outfit on her social media, the basis of which was a maternity shirt made of eco-leather by the Ukrainian brand MONAMOON. Celebrity will soon become a mom for the third time. 

Every month the figure of pregnant women acquires new centimeters, volumes and curves where they were not noticed previously. At the same time expectant mothers look very feminine. They can’t do without new purchases to admire their reflection in the mirror and feel maximum comfort. We will tell you in the guide how to choose clothes for pregnant women and create a practical and stylish wardrobe.

When a woman prepares to become a mother, she transforms both internally and externally. Her shapes are noticeably rounded, the skin becomes more tender and sensitive, and the breasts become larger and need special support. Properly selected underwear for pregnant women will become a manifestation of taking care of yourself and your comfort. It will be pleasant to the body, pleasing to the eye and raise self-appraisal. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Summer is at its zenith. Are we going to meet the sea this season or do we have to appreciate all the benefits of relaxing by the pool and in the garden of a country house? For each scenario we keep positive and at the same time consider the main trends in beach fashion for pregnant women. At the forefront of the current summer 2020 swimwear models: floral motives, animalistic prints, frills, saturated shades and retro designs. There are the 7 trendiest swimsuits in our selection.

When a woman prepares to become a mother, she is pleased to hear not only touching words about pregnancy, but also fair words to her style and appearance in general. Moreover, even more, she wants to remain true to herself: not to refuse either from work, or from meetings with friends, or from an interesting vacation. In this case, one outfit is not enough. Contrary to popular belief, a pregnant wardrobe can be both practical and trendy.

 Singer ALYOSHA and frontman of the band "Antytila" Taras Topolia this summer will become parents for the third time.

Maternity and maternity-friendly brand MONAMOON joined #ПідтримуюЛікарів (#SupportDoctors) social initiative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and repurposed its own production for the sewing personal protective equipment for frontline medical workers.

Love, self-care and moving forward are the life priorities of a modern woman. After all, the self-awareness of the future mother directly affects the development and health of the baby. MONAMOON SS 2020 collection combines stylish and trendy designs that will help a pregnant woman and a young mother to maintain a work-life balance in a rhythm comfortable for her.

On December 1, the Beauty in Pregnancy event arranged by the Maternity Hospital "Leleka" was held at the five-star Hyatt Regency Kyiv Hotel. MONAMOON, a brand of stylish clothes for expecting mothers, became a fashion partner of the event.

In the spring of 2019, Iana Salenko, prima ballerina of the Berlin State Ballet, became a mother for the second time. Being in a delicate condition, the world-famous Ukrainian gave an interview to Voci dell'Opera, in which she spoke about her pregnancy, family life, and creative plans.

To celebrate baby shower, organized by friend and designer Christian Siriano, the world-famous model Coco Rocha choses a jumper from the MONAMOON Fall-Winter 18/19 collection.

In the historic district of the Kyiv — on Vozdvizhenka flagship clothing boutique for future mothers of the Ukrainian brand MONAMOON was opened. Now, in a luxurious atmosphere, future mothers can enjoy the choice and try on stylish outfits, jewelry, underwear, swimsuits and accessories.

September 1st, 2017 for the first time on the international fashion week Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days was a catwalk show of the MONAMOON maternity collection S/S 18. The creative director of the show was the famous stylist Yevgeny Primachenko.

August 22, 2017 in the Oh My Look! showroom a gossip breakfast was held with the participation of TV presenters and fashionable moms Tatyana Terekhova and Katerina Lyubchik. MONAMOON brand ambassadors presented actual trends in the capsule collection for women who are preparing for the birth of a child.

The award was held on April 12, 2017 in Brussels in the building of the European Parliament with the support of the member of the European Parliament Salvo Pogliese and with the participation of the president and founder of the award Mr. Hossein Farmani and E-QO representative Sandro Serenari.

In the new season brand for moms-to-be MONAMOON invited professional models Katerina Lubchik, vice-miss of the beauty contest Minsk 2007 and Sofi Pashkual, L-Models model, for the cooperation. The presentation of the new collection took place in Paris during the launch of the Haute Couture Week.

Stylish maternity clothing brand MONAMOON became an honorary winner of the European Product Design Award 2017.

Street style shooting of the MONAMOON Spring-Summer collection took place in France, in the center of Paris, in the ancient royal palace Palais du Louvre, where one of the largest and most popular art museums in the world - the Louvre is situated.

The main Ukrainian media couple told about their personal life in the last winter issue of the Viva! magazine.

TV and radio host and national commentator of Eurovision, Olympic and European games Tatiana Terekhova presented a new MONAMOON collection for the future moms.

The stylish maternity clothes brand MONAMOON took part for the first time in Playtime Paris — сhildren's and maternity trade shows worldwide in January 2017.